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No, I don’t mean layer masks in Photoshop, I mean on the Cedar Waxwing’s face.  I’ve seen pictures of these birds before but until this day did not think I would ever see one live let alone enjoying oranges.  The waxwing part of their name comes from the bright red wax-like droplets on the tips of their wing feathers.  They look ready for a masquerade party with that black mask across their eyes.

(I hope that Mother’s Day has been a pleasant one for everyone; DH doing all of the cooking has been wonderful.  I know that there are many of us who no longer have our mothers or that special mother figure and that makes the day bittersweet and my heart goes out to those moms who have lost the ones that called or would’ve called them mom.  I miss my mom but I give thanks that I am called mom and nana.  I am thrilled that Facetime and Skype were invented so that while I’m not there with my progeny who live about 7 hours away, I can still see and speak to them.) 


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Happy Mother’s Day

It’s my day! It’s my day! It’s my day!  I am mother to two and Nana to 2 with a new one set to appear this winter (rooting hard for Team Blue again!)  The progeny are in Missouri while I am here in Ohio.  I will speak to them either on the phone or via Skype today, we will call DH’s mother and I will miss my mom; my last time to celebrate Mother’s Day with her was six years ago.  But in the meantime I’m going to enjoy being blessed to be able to celebrate another Mother’s Day today by doing something fun – I hope.

Road trip, movies, eat out, eat in…who knows!  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are moms, moms to be and to your moms.

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to you all be it your very first or your you’ve stopped counting.  And for those of us whose mother’s are no longer with us (or maybe even children who are no longer here), remember fondly those cards with the paper doilies glued onto construction paper, flowers, balloons, and hugs and kisses; those you received and those you gave.  And if you are a dad doing double duty as a mother and father – Happy Mother’s Day to you too 🙂


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Happy Mother’s Day

The memories of early Mother’s Day with my mom are very vague.  It’s as if they’ve been erased from my mind or something.  All I can remember are those last days where Alzheimer’s had her firmly in her grip.  There is one slight memory of dad getting her her favorite chocolates and getting me a little something saying that one day I too would be a mom.  Now how did he know that?  But for some reason all I can clearly recall are the ones when I was taking care of her – sigh.

Oh I still miss mom but it’s not as angst inducing as it has been; guess that means I’ve gotten better at accepting things.  What has been most difficult is seeing all of these moms and daughters out together at stores, malls, etc.  That has stung – a lot.  I miss that I cannot nor have I been able to do that with my mother for a very long time and now that I live someplace else, I haven’t been able to do it with my daughter.  Being in another state from the offspring and their offspring makes me sad but as I have had to accept that mom is gone, so I must accept that I am here in point B and they are in point A.

It’s a strange feeling to be a mom, mother in law, and grandma but without a mom of my own; the mantle has been passed.  But in the midst of all of this I must realize that I am still me – me with all of my ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses, and good, bad and just plain wonderfully uniquely strange traits.

So having said all of that I say – Happy Mother’s Day to all of you other moms in all of your incarnations.  You new moms are in for the ride of your lives and we “mature” moms can look back at it all and say ” We survived it, didn’t throttle them (much), and now we get to watch what they’ve grown into as well as spoil the grands and then give them back to their parents!”  PAYBACK BABY!

Best job I’ve ever had 🙂

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