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Some signs of spring… but not a lot!

There are patches of spring flowers here and there; daffodils, snowdrops and just the tops of tulips.  The grass is getting greener and even a few trees have started to form the buds that will be this years foliage but … Continue reading

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My top posts of 2017

I’m terrible at looking and analyzing stats – I think it has something to do with taking statistics and other similar classes in college; I shudder remembering them – so I really don’t go over my numbers as much as … Continue reading

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Two horses and their Rat Rod

I wonder how long they’ve been working on that Plymouth? (Photo taken somewhere in Amish Country Ohio in October)

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I found some autumn

Right next to the movie theater we went to this afternoon.  And now we are under a tornado watch.  Weather… what a fickle thing!  

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Photo Safari at The Wilds – Sichuan Takin

The takin, also called cattle chamois or gnu goat, is a goat-antelope found in the eastern Himalayas. The four subspecies are: B. t. taxicolor, the Mishmi takin; B. t. bedfordi, the Shaanxi takin or golden takin; B. t. Wikipedia Whatever … Continue reading

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Where the deer and the antelope stay

Common Eland Elands are the second largest species of antelope behind their relatives the giant elands.  Both have those spectacular spiral horns.   Pere David’s Deer This is a semi-aquatic species that prefers marshlands and is native to the sub … Continue reading

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Nearly Wild

And almost gone for the season.  This photo of some Nearly Wild floribunda roses was taken back in June of this year.  There are still roses around but their time is running out as today is the first day of … Continue reading

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