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Out with 2016 and in with 2017

This has been an incredibly fast year to me.  We’ve traveled to Arizona, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Maine and back home to Missouri – twice.  I had a birthday party, during a heat wave of all things,  that was attended by family and friends; some I haven’t seen in years.  I went hiking in Arcadia, had really really fresh lobster and Maine blueberries (they really are smaller than the ones I usually get at the grocery store), was slightly terrified driving along the Apache Trail, went up in a pink elephant hot air balloon at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and I got to meet three blogging buddies in real time.  I also discovered that I like green chile sauce – didn’t see that one coming at all.  I’ve also gotten wrapped very tightly around the little sweet finger of the new grandson.

While this year has been wonderful in many ways it has also been stressful and sad in others.  I won’t get into politics because if you know me you know how I feel about things and that is none too chipper.  This year has seen many entertainers that I have enjoyed for so long leave us far too early – Prince, Bowie, Rickman, Reynolds and Princess Leia (yes I know her name is Carrie Fisher but she will always be Leia Organa to this nerdy girl) to name a few.  I have prayed for friends that were very sick and fighting serious illnesses and I cried with a dear friend of mine who lost her husband of 35 years.  It finally reached a point where I couldn’t and wouldn’t turn on the news because I just was tired of seeing all of the vitriol, violence and senseless killing that was going on across the globe and here in the states.  Peace on earth and goodwill towards human kind? It does occasionally happen… occasionally.

There are no immediate plans on the horizon for us for 2017 other than we will be back in Arizona sometime in January.  I do have my eye on photographing my way through parts of the parks in Utah and DH has even suggested we rent an RV for that.  That will be a first but I have friends who can help me get over my hesitation about that.  Other than Utah we still have St. Lucia, Hawaii and Scotland on our wish list and DH’s Aunt and Uncle have invited us to visit them in Devon, England again.

I hope to meet some of you in person this year if at all possible but even if we don’t I hope we continue to “see” one another here in the land of blog in the new year.  May 2017 be a blessed year for all of us.  See you next year 🙂

Happy New Year!








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End of year bits and pieces – Skating Away

Taken in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.  How they could go down the street on skateboards while carrying snacks and drinking some water is beyond me.  I can’t even stand on one of the things 😉



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Last night in New Mexico

On our last night in New Mexico the sky put on quite the sundown show as I took this photo from our hotel balcony.  I will be leaving the New Mexico series and returning to where I left off in Maine for a couple of days… and then I will be very very busy practicing newborn photography and singing lullabies.

I am so looking forward to that 😍


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Upstairs For…

Lunch with a view.  After not being in the mood to stand in line outside to get into a couple of other restaurants in Santa Fe, we rounded a corner and saw the sign for this place; the San Francisco Street Bar and Grill.  We found it was a good choice and after climbing the steps we were treated to some very good – and substantial – salads and margaritas.  Plus, there was this view.  Imagine sitting at your table enjoying your meal as someone across the street from you is doing the same… interesting.



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Let’s Go

Upstairs for….


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A door in Santa Fe

What is it about doors that fascinates us, especially some of us photographers?  After all, a door is a door is a door… isn’t it?  They are made to keep things in or out depending on what side of the door you happen to be on but somewhere along the history of doors humans decided to kick them up a notch and began to decorate and embellish them.  Even though I was aware that this door and the entire building was meant to be a replicant of the past – it still caught my eye.


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Loretto Chapel

This former Roman Catholic church in Santa Fe, New Mexico is now used as a museum and wedding chapel.  It is famous for it’s spiral staircase of legend which is just what I wanted to see.  But by the time we found the chapel we had been beat to it by a ton of other tourists.  There was a line to get in as well as an admission price so I poked my head in to see if it was worth doing.  The crowd inside let me know there was no way I would get a shot I’d like of the staircase.

Instead I took a few shots of the outside when it wasn’t swarmed by the selfie squads.  I do wonder what the story is behind all of the rosaries in the tree though.

loretto_3382-edit-copy loretto_3376-edit-copy loretto_3365-edit-copy

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