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A door in Santa Fe

What is it about doors that fascinates us, especially some of us photographers?  After all, a door is a door is a door… isn’t it?  They are made to keep things in or out depending on what side of the … Continue reading

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Loretto Chapel

This former Roman Catholic church in Santa Fe, New Mexico is now used as a museum and wedding chapel.  It is famous for it’s spiral staircase of legend which is just what I wanted to see.  But by the time … Continue reading

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Year of Mercy

I hadn’t planned on posting anything today but while going through my files yesterday (while it was snowing here – yuck!) I noticed this and how it had today’s date.  The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi is a … Continue reading

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Not sure if it was working properly or not (don’t think it was) but one thing for sure is certain – it’s correct twice a day!  This was on a corner in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  And now here are … Continue reading

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Santa Fe

I felt a certain sense of being grounded when we arrived in Santa Fe.  There was just something about the beautiful sky, the earthiness of the buildings and their design that just made me feel connected… and then we walked … Continue reading

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Along I-25 heading towards Santa Fe

Beautiful cloud formations…  

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Do you know the way to Santa Fe?

The song’s destination was San Jose but that’s not the direction we were heading while rolling along on  I-25.  What is it about clouds, blue skies, open spaces and mountains that is just so mesmerizing?  These photos were taken in … Continue reading

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Don’t know why…

There’s no sun up in the sky, stormy weather….  Let’s see what other storm or rain songs we can come up with for this monochrome Monday shall we?  This photo was taken while driving down the highway from Albuquerque to … Continue reading

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Let’s get to the bottoms of this…

If this bench could speak what stories would it tell especially considering one section of it is more concave than the other.   Have a great weekend everyone 🙂    

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Old Town Emporium

When I was a little girl and my family would head west in our Ford Fairlane, places like this were called trading posts; I had never even heard of the word emporium.  So fancy schmancy sounding.  But this store in … Continue reading

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