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One night in Times Square – All this and an ATM too!

They make it easy to separate you from your money in Times Square no matter where you go or what you may want to purchase but I’ll wait till the banks reopen, thank you!  And this is the end of my one night in Times Square series and a break in the action for awhile – possibly – until things are up and working again.  There was light at the end of the computer tunnel yesterday and then it was snuffed out.  Went to a store, got a computer, go home and DH goes Super Geeky, do all of the setting up and then the mouse and keyboard refuse to work.  UGH!

Go back to store, get refund, go out for dinner and have a Margarita.  The hunt continues…

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One night in Times Square – There’s always someone proselytizing

The words on the building in the background just happen to go well with the message this fellow is attempting to convey.

(Please be careful and take care  if you happen to be in the path of this snow storm.)

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One night in Times Square – The shorts make the man

His color coordination game is on point!

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One night in Times Square – Pink and Polka Dots

As mentioned in a previous post, the fashions that converge in Times Square are incredibly varied and can often be very stylish.  I like the expressions of the people in this shot.  The couple are happy and animated – something has caught their attention – while the woman in the polka dots has a confident swagger about her.

I do love her outfit!

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McDonald’s might be open but me and my shop are going home


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One night in Times Square – Colorful

Times Square alone is very colorful with all of the huge signs, store fronts and changing billboards but the humans milling around in it get pretty colorful too.  In one square block you can see anything from the sad condition of someone homeless to suits, purses and shoes that are very high end.  And because NYC attracts visitors from around the globe, you are bound to see someone in the traditional dress of their country.  I stood next to a Japanese woman one night in a traditional kimono and this night this beautiful pink and green sari caught my eye.

This is a colorful shot also with the man in the shop being surrounded by brightly colored things for sale…but if you notice both of them are in their own worlds doing what they’re doing.


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One Night in Times Square

Street photography isn’t everyone’s thing but I find it to be an almost anthropological study of human beings.  A photographer can take a photo of someone with their permission and perhaps even talk to them to learn something about their lives; resulting in an image that tells a fuller story.

Other photographers prefer to go as unnoticed as possible and capture people as they are.  That too can convey a story but it can be a bit dodgy as some people (and rightfully so) do not wish to have their photo taken.  How you do street photography is strictly up to you and in the end it is what you are trying to say with your photos.

This night, in July of 2014, we were up very late  – or was it very early in the morning – in that ultimate, and very crowded, tourist area of NYC.  It was too crowded that night and I wasn’t totally comfortable taking strangers photos at night in Times Square; you never know who you may encounter!  But I wanted to capture the energy of what was around me so I went with the shoot from the hip technique.

Some set their camera to fixed settings with a certain depth of field which allows them to capture someone within so many feet of the camera without necessarily having to hold the camera to their eye and obviously looking like they are taking a photo.  Others use telephoto lens to take their shot from a distance.  When I shoot from the hip I set my aperture to where I think is best (after a few trial runs) and let the camera do the rest for me.  Holding the camera actually at my hip or around stomach level, I wait until my subject/s are in range, I hear the camera focus and beep when it is locked on and then the shutter is pressed.

Not every shot is a winner but with street photography sometimes even motion blur, not conforming to the rule of thirds, or parts of people cut off will make for a great photo.  In this instance I didn’t think much of the shot initially but when I came back to it, I felt it conveyed a slice of life.  Everyone is in their own little world heading someplace.  Who is a tourist and who is a citizen of NYC?  And then there are the window and door signs behind them especially the one about feet.

After all, they are walking.


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