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Sitting, fishing and finding a new spot

Patience and something cool to drink helps too… hats are optional.


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Boardwalk Fishing

The boardwalk at the Hoover Mudflats is used for fishing, as you can see, as well as bird watching.  There are several osprey nesting stands set up that bird watchers with binoculars – or photographers with a zoom lens but not me this time – can view from the boardwalk.

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Galena, Ohio

Today we took the top off the Jeep and went exploring.  We eventually found ourselves here in the historic town square of Galena, Ohio.  Every time we go exploring in our new (well, six and a half years new) state we find something different.  There was the vault here which is a venue for central Ohio artists and craftspeople to display their works.  And then there was Talula’s which is a store owned by a pair of sisters with all sorts of odds and ends and other things… or as they like to say owned by and for women.  Wish I had gone into Talula’s but we had gotten turned around and needed to find our way back to a road that would get us back home.

And then there was this abandoned bank 🙂

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Lenten Rose

The gardens here besides being filled with tulips and daffodils (many that may have been blown away by age and a recent rain storm) also have a great deal of these flowers in different colors.  This week I will be featuring the other blooms that are in season now at the Inniswood Metro Gardens.


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Pay Attention

I cannot begin to imagine how many bulbs are planted in the 121 acres here (here being Inniswood Metro Gardens still)  but it’s quite a few! They do a magnificent job of tending to all of the flowers and plants in spite of all of us humans who come to enjoy – and from the looks of this warning sign – possibly trod upon the flowers.  A few years ago I photographed an area here that was absolutely filled with crocus but on this visit that area was warning tape roped off for renovations.

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Out standing in their field

The Inniswood Metro Gardens boasts more than 2,000 species of plants along with specialty collections and themed gardens.  Between it and the Park of Roses here in Central Ohio, from spring to fall there is always something and somewhere to photograph.

By the way, get the pun?

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There’s a bee in my mouth…

There were honey and other bees buzzing busily in the gardens and I for one was quite happy to see them.

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