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He sees you when you’re sleeping…

Ok, this guy (or was it a gal?) doesn’t but you know how the song goes.  This is just an invite for you to come over and visit my other blog What’s Happening Ohio where you can read and see … Continue reading

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Just another Monochrome Monday

Well… yes and no.  It’s the holiday season so I’ve been trying to safely shop for certain presents in stores while the rest of the crew is going to get something ordered online and mailed to them.  Then there are … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s to you having a wonderful Thanksgiving.  These guys have nothing to fear (and they know it) as they are the residents of a local metro park. Gobble gobble – Teri 📷  

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I’ve been…

Not posting here.  And no, I haven’t traveled anywhere farther than 20 miles from home either.  What I have been is BUSY and involved with recent events here with the election and all.  But mostly I have been losing my … Continue reading

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Halloween Week – Abandoned House #5

There’s an interesting story that goes with this image.  I kinda sorta remember where I found this house (actually it was an entire abandoned block) I remember the images I took BUT I cannot recall when I took this photo … Continue reading

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Halloween Week – Spooky House #3

This was my very first abandoned home to photograph.  Anyone have any ideas what kind of architectural style this might be?  The two front doors always had me wondering. Teri📷

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled post….

For this big (well, big to me anyway) news!  I was going to wait till I had more than one image edited but I was just so excited to share this.  After a couple of years of wanting to photograph … Continue reading

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We had read once that this park (where I found the owl) had bison and while birds (a particular duck which I will share later) was our primary objective who were we to turn down the opportunity to photograph some … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves

Autumn is the season known most for the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  But conversely, it’s a very temperamental season for the same reason.  If the temperatures aren’t just so then the leaves don’t produce their vivid colors.  If … Continue reading

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That’s enough photos for now

Talk to the claw… Teri 📷

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