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Impromptu Jam Session

As mentioned in my prior post about becoming part of a jam session in the park, here’s more from it.  The sax player is Don, a local central Ohio resident who plays in a band.  Doug, the guitarist, is from Pennsylvania and was visiting his non musician – well, at least  he wasn’t playing any instruments that day – friend, Bill, the gentleman in blue sitting on the steps.   Doug teaches music as well as plays musical gigs.  As fate would have it,  Bill and Doug came to visit the rose park that day with Doug deciding to play some songs at the pavilion.  Along comes Don to the park and upon hearing the music came to see what was going on, asked about joining in, went back home for his sax and the band began to play.

Enter one photographer (how fortuitous that we all converged on the same park at the same time) who at first just took photos of the guys until she was asked did she know some of the tunes – which she did.  We sang Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and more.  There were some park visitors who stopped to listen and applauded for us while others just walked past with a smile.  We were all enjoying ourselves, especially when we began making up our own lyrics to Dylan’s Rainy Day Women #12 & 35.  Phew! Talk about thinking fast on your feet for that one.

It was a magical musical moment in the park.  Cool, man…



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Pay Attention

I cannot begin to imagine how many bulbs are planted in the 121 acres here (here being Inniswood Metro Gardens still)  but it’s quite a few! They do a magnificent job of tending to all of the flowers and plants in spite of all of us humans who come to enjoy – and from the looks of this warning sign – possibly trod upon the flowers.  A few years ago I photographed an area here that was absolutely filled with crocus but on this visit that area was warning tape roped off for renovations.

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Out standing in their field

The Inniswood Metro Gardens boasts more than 2,000 species of plants along with specialty collections and themed gardens.  Between it and the Park of Roses here in Central Ohio, from spring to fall there is always something and somewhere to photograph.

By the way, get the pun?

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Tiptoe through the tulips

Today Mother Nature was in a good mood as the weather, while breezy, was sunny and in the low 70’s.  Taking advantage of the day we went to Inniswood Metro Gardens  in Westerville, Ohio.  This beautiful park is a magnet for nature lovers and photographers.  While sitting down in the grass to get tulip shots I paused to let one photographer with his assistant pass by carrying their reflector and softbox.

My overalls that I wear when I know I will be getting very close to nature have muddy knees and back pockets from getting in there for the shots (it has been rainy here as of late) but it was so worth it.  More spring images will be featured this week so please come back and enjoy.


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Boston Public Garden People Watching

Photos were taken August 2013 around the pond in the public garden where the swans, swan boats, ducks, and tourists abound 🙂

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Saturday in the park

A walk in the park today was just what we needed!  We walked, these park visitors jogged…don’t get us confused.  The weather was ideal and the park was full; it was a great day that everyone was enjoying.  If you notice, in the second photo of the young couple jogging, I caught them both in mid air.  I rather like that.

3joggers7623-Edit copy

CoupleJoggers7624-Edit copy


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Monday – Monday

It’s Monday! It’s a bit of a melancholy Monday for me for reasons I won’t get into but there is joy in life to embrace anyway.  It’s a ‘We survived the weekend and didn’t hurt ourselves or each other’ Monday.  And it’s a I don’t have a thing to post for Monochrome Monday other than digging into the files and pulling up a past image.  This was a busy weekend for us!  Every window in the house now has curtain rods and curtains except for one and that is only because I haven’t decided what treatment to give it.

I finally got around to hanging some pictures in one room only while others are still languishing in boxes or on floors.  I’ve picked out some fabric samples and I may be daring enough to make some throw pillows for the bed and sofa.  After arguing with a certain home/hardware store (it’s not the Depot one) for almost a week about their poor customer service and online ordering system, I finally picked up the assemble it yourself bench and coat hanger set for the entry way. Then after two days and one drill bit that needed to be replaced, we got it assembled and hung up.  I told DH that sexy is a man with power tools doing work around the house 😉

We went looking for a new desktop computer for me and while testing the built in speakers on one I ended up busting a move for a few seconds with a little 4 year old girl in the middle of the store who was feeling the grove of the song I was playing.  Hint: the song I was playing came from the Best Urban Contemporary Album of the year winner at the recent Grammys.  Urban Contemporary???? Oh well…it’s got a nice beat and you can dance to it; I give it a seven.

While I am still without a desktop the laptop is still working (thankfully) but then when I tried to print out a photo order – NOTHING!  Panic struck, then frustration, then I called tech support and he kicked me out of my office until he fixed it.  Phew!  So now it’s clean up after the home improvement weekend because no matter how much I swept or vacuumed, I can still find little bits of packing material strewn about and sawdust hides very well on windowsills and baseboards.  How was your weekend?

This photo was taken a few years ago at one of my favorite local parks here, Inniswood, where in spring the area bursts into carpets of crocus and these little cuties -snowdrops.  They should be getting ready to reappear soon…I hope so because I really am awaiting their return.

XU9A3217aSnowdropRstyl copy

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