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Tiptoe through the tulips

Today Mother Nature was in a good mood as the weather, while breezy, was sunny and in the low 70’s.  Taking advantage of the day we went to Inniswood Metro Gardens  in Westerville, Ohio.  This beautiful park is a magnet … Continue reading

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Boston Public Garden People Watching

Photos were taken August 2013 around the pond in the public garden where the swans, swan boats, ducks, and tourists abound 🙂

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Saturday in the park

A walk in the park today was just what we needed!  We walked, these park visitors jogged…don’t get us confused.  The weather was ideal and the park was full; it was a great day that everyone was enjoying.  If you … Continue reading

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Monday – Monday

It’s Monday! It’s a bit of a melancholy Monday for me for reasons I won’t get into but there is joy in life to embrace anyway.  It’s a ‘We survived the weekend and didn’t hurt ourselves or each other’ Monday.  … Continue reading

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Cabin in the snowy pines

Well…………it is a cabin of sorts but not one that is lived in.  It’s a utility cabin/shed at a local park.  I just thought it was a great look with the snow and towering pine trees around it.  

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Fungus or Fungi Redux

Here are yesterdays fungi in color.  Compared to what I saw in the woods that day these guys are boring in color but you will see later this week.

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Fungus or Fungi

Singular or plural these interesting “things” that I assumed were some form of fungus were growing on a fallen tree limb in the park next to the creek.  I have no idea what they are (if you know please share) … Continue reading

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