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Let’s talk about focal points

While we sit down in this beautiful farm garden.  Both images were shot standing in the same spot with identical settings, but what makes them different?  In the first photo I shot a third of the way in just in … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy

Sweet dreams ’til sunbeams find you Sweet dreams that leave all worries far behind you But in your dreams, whatever they be Dream a little dream of me Mama Cass Elliott This weeks photo challenge is dreamy.  Mentioning dreams…do you … Continue reading

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How the image was achieved – The snowy rose

When deciding what image you wish to ultimately create often there will be some planning and composing involved; where and what to photograph as well as when comes into play.  In my opinion it is always best to have a plan … Continue reading

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It’s that seagull again!

I’ve gotten a few comments about the seagull that I converted using Topaz Simplify4 and one that struck me was that the sky was too blown out; not dark enough.  Well I revisited my gull buddy and realized that I … Continue reading

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Portraits with one light – part 2

I am primarily a natural light photographer but have begun to work more with other lighting.  It is a learning experience but after getting over the initial fear of flash, some classes, working with a mentor and experience…I can now … Continue reading

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Simplify a seagull

As you can see by the screen shot below this picture of a seagull in the Boston Harbor was edited using the Topaz Labs Simplify 4 plug in.  This time I used the sketch effect – pastel preset to convert … Continue reading

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Water Steps

There are two ways that I know of to achieve this misty look to the water flowing down the rocks here: long shutter speed or an ND filter (wonder how they’d work together?)  When attempting this type of photography it … Continue reading

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