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Photography in pandemic times

Let me first say that by no means am I making light of the current situation nor am I going to give opinions on how things are being handled or how to handle things other than please try not to … Continue reading

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What can happen on a photo safari with the African Painted Dog

What do I mean by what can happen on a photo safari?  Well, many things great and frustrating.  The day you go on safari the weather could be terrible (very hot or very wet) or in the case of my … Continue reading

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Solar eclipse 2017 – Some tips for viewing and photographing

On August 21, 2017 parts of the United States will see their first total solar eclipse in almost 50 years!  While many would just as soon watch it on the internet or on television, many will want to see this … Continue reading

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Still working on doing still life photos here.  I asked DH what sauces in the fridge does he like to put on his food the most and this is what happened.  Actually the Tabasco sauce is his favorite; puts it … Continue reading

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Blue and Green Reflection in Fish Creek (and a caveat)

This photo was taken from the other side of the bridge shown in yesterdays post.  Its location is right at the point where we were no longer driving down a very steep road and things were beginning to level out; … Continue reading

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Connecting with what you are photographing

When one photographs people there is a certain amount of communication between the photographer and the subject in order to reach the end result; the photograph desired by those on both sides of the camera.    But what about when … Continue reading

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