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Let me sit in the gardens

At Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio.  There are many benches throughout the gardens where one can sit and rest, have their portraits taken, cuddle with a loved one or just take in the surrounding beauty.  This is that popular … Continue reading

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There is beauty to be found

If only you look with an open mind and eye.  Many people find flowers to be their prettiest when they are without blemish but even with damage to the petals from frost, the magnolia flowers on this tree were still … Continue reading

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Mini Doctor Who Theater – The Daleks

In the 50 plus years of Doctor Who there have been many many alien species introduced and not all of them were nice.  Some bad ones have been The Master, Cybermen, Adipose (cute but don’t let that fool you), Sontarans, … Continue reading

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Mini Doctor Who Theater – The Three Doctors

The British sci-fi television show Doctor Who has been going on now since 1963.  I discovered it and became a fan in the 80’s starting with Doctor #4, Tom Baker.  Being the Whovian that I am I collect all things … Continue reading

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Colored Pencils Macro

Long gone are the days when a box of 64 crayons or a big box of coloring pencils would make children want to run and create their own Picasso.  Coloring books for children still exist but there is the trend … Continue reading

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Shall we play a game 2 – Still haven’t solved it

And gave up trying years ago but it is a nice little knick knack to have on my desk.  It’s interesting the toys and games that are trendy for awhile only to be replaced by what someone else declares is … Continue reading

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Shall we play a game?

And not any having to do with war.  One upon a time I was quite the jacks player.  My eye hand coordination was on point back when parents had to tell us to come from outside and not the other … Continue reading

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