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Delicious and refreshing next to the old reliable smoking tobacco.  Have a Coke and a Bull Durham? From some internet searching, the Coca Cola advert was around the time when you could get either a bottle or a glass at … Continue reading

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Yesterdays photo was of the space between Joys Collective here and the smaller brick building in front of it.  Apparently Joy stores some of her antiques in that narrow space.

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Peeking Through


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This photo was taken when I visited Old St. Charles, Missouri in August of this year.  It was wonderfully warm and a hummingbird was visiting this feeder.  I didn’t have a zoom lens so I crept up on it as … Continue reading

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The Mother in Law House

I will be heading back to Missouri to see the family for the holidays so I have been cleaning up files to see what I have and haven’t posted because there will be new photos from the visit.  I’m starting … Continue reading

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A study in red and green

We recently went to one of our favorite spots for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised to see there were still begonias doing quite well in the November weather around the restaurants now closed patio.

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Maple Red

It’s not unusual around here in central Ohio to find one or two brightly colored trees standing out in the midst of a bunch of green (or totally bare) trees; makes for a very interesting contrast.  But after the big … Continue reading

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