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Las Palmas

Unless you are quite the world traveler (and most definitely before the age of media inundation) there are some things in this great wide world that you may have never seen in person.  I recall my nieces, then very young … Continue reading

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Canon and Sony

So there were these two guys – one a Canon user and the other a Sony user – looking at who knows what on a street in downtown Albuquerque.  I just had to sneak in a shot of them 🙂

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My Mother’s Day…

Was partially spent knee deep in weeds!  The reason I’m looking up here is because there were several turkey vultures circling overhead.  I was telling them to sod off as I was holding still to take some photos and not … Continue reading

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Photographer Down :(

Well…I didn’t win the big prizes in the photo contest but I am still happy I was chosen to be in the gallery show.  On a different topic, meaning the reason for the title of this post, yours truly is … Continue reading

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Gift ideas for the photographer

What would a photographer like as a gift?  I for one have no problems giving or getting a gift card because it really does make shopping so much easier and lessens the chances of getting the wrong thing.  If you … Continue reading

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