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Do you know the way to Santa Fe?

The song’s destination was San Jose but that’s not the direction we were heading while rolling along on  I-25.  What is it about clouds, blue skies, open spaces and mountains that is just so mesmerizing?  These photos were taken in … Continue reading

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Fireworks and some tips on photographing them

Fireworks displays are to be found around the globe as are photographers out there capturing those colorful bursts of light against a dark sky.  Here are a few tips for photographing these events. EQUIPMENT You will need your camera (of … Continue reading

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Topless Texting and a bit about Street Photography

Street photography can be defined in many ways but what it basically comes down to is it is photography that captures candid scenes of the human experience in public places; the aim is to capture and convey a moment and … Continue reading

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I, Butterfly – The color edition plus some words about macro photography

Here is yesterday’s beauty in all of her colorful glory.  I have no idea what kind of butterfly this is but she makes being green easy.  What is macro photography?  Macro photography as defined by Wikipedia as…. “Macro photography (or … Continue reading

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Working in nature, with animals, and outtakes…

I’d like to sum up wolf week with some words about what it was like to do this shoot.  Shooting outdoors means you are subject to the whims and sometimes cruelties of nature.  Sun, no sun, clouds, no clouds and … Continue reading

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Shooting through glass

Sometimes you just find yourself in a very very tall building looking out at an amazing scenario that you would love to capture and there is glass between you and that scene.  Now while that is a good thing especially … Continue reading

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Little Ladies at the Street Market and Street Photography

Three times a year a local town has it’s street market where all of the local shops throw open their doors and display their wares outside and inside for shoppers to peruse.  Other local crafts people – and food trucks … Continue reading

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