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Mini Doctor Who Theater – The War Doctor and Enemy

In the 50th anniversary special episode of Doctor Who a new Doctor was introduced.  He has been tagged the “War Doctor” because in the episode he is introduced as the one who started it all back on Gallifrey (home planet … Continue reading

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Mini Doctor Who Theater – Who are these Doctors?

Here from left to right are, Doctor #3, Jon Pertwee (whose son, Sean Pertwee, plays Alfred the butler to a young Bruce Wayne in the series Gotham) Doctor #2, Patrick Troughton, who you may or may not recall was the … Continue reading

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Oil and Vinegar

In the beginning there was plain oil and plain vinegar and then it got fancy…really fancy!  I’ve used flavored balsamics and olive oils before in my cooking so I was immediately drawn to this place in the North Market.  So … Continue reading

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1978 Jeep Electruck

It had a cruising speed of 33-40 mph and a range of 29 miles.  While these are no longer in use (I think) the USPS is looking into bringing the concept back… but why? Teri  📷  

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Let’s go camping

With a sleeping area for one or two, cooking in the back and a great color scheme what more could you need?  Ok, but the bigger blue one behind it has an indoor shower/toilet, cooking and seating but it’s just … Continue reading

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Off to the races

In a Toyota Camry driven by Nascar driver, Martin Truex, in 2017 And a 1930 Oakland (replicated original) Indy racer car.  The very first V8 powered car to enter the Indy 500.    

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Keep on truckin’

Something new at the car show this year was an entire section of the convention center floor dedicated to test driving vehicles from these trucks to a group of electric cars.  The trucks here were the most popular vehicles people … Continue reading

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