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Cymbidiums Again

This is one of the orchids at the show that had a wonderful fragrance although some would say the one orchid species that smells like chocolate wins the prize.


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Some shy little Cymbidium orchids not fully opened.


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Happy Valentine’s Day

You either look forward to the day or you absolutely abhor the existence of it.  Me? I cannot eat chocolates and am not much of a candy fan anyway; popcorn is my Achilles heel especially the kind from Chicago.  Flowers and cards are nice too but no dinner out on this day.  I’ve gotten past eating out as being special for this day, it’s always too freaking crowded so we will be enjoying dinner at home maybe even by candlelight.

Roses are the usual flower given on this day with red being the leader of the pack.  While I think red roses are lovely, I’ve always been a fan of pink, orange, yellow and especially lilac roses.  So my gift to you for today is this lovely pink blush hybrid tea rose – Tiffany.

(Update:  This post was finished and scheduled before things went terribly awry.  There probably won’t be any romantic dinner – unless hot soup qualifies – because DH has come down with the flu and I’m doing my best not to share this with him.)



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Confidence – Hybrid Tea Rose

Confidence9140-EditSQ copy

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Water lilies 1,2,3

What is it about lilies and lily ponds that makes you want to just sit quietly and gaze upon them?  Well, at least that’s the effect they have on me anyway.  Here are three tightly cropped photos of them taken at the private gardens in three different colors.


YellowLily9824-Editcrp copy PinkLily9832-Editcrp copy Whitelily9839-Editcrp copy



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I ♥ Lilies

Get it?

HeartLily9844-Editsq copy

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Bee kind

Dear little honey bee

you are so very important to all of us you see.

We need you to keep pollinating to and fro.

Because we want the plants you visit

to continue to grow.

Plus we really love your honey… don’t you know.


(Be kind to the bees because we really truly do need them!  Have a great weekend everyone.  No idea what kind of rose this is, was too busy focusing on the bee to take note.)


PinkHoneybee9215-Edit copy PinkHoneybee9216-Edit copy






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