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Coneflower in the City

There you stood in your concrete box surrounded by bigger concrete boxes growing in a city and not in a garden. Others passed you by without a look as they hurried on their way. But for you my beauty of … Continue reading

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Ode To Spring

Today is the first day of spring and we are so very happy to welcome you back. We have had more than enough of your sibling winter. So we welcome you with open arms and open hearts, dearest spring. Pray … Continue reading

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Where are we going?

Where are we going? Down this path and around that corner. But where does it lead to? We won’t know until we get there. How will be know when we are there? You will know it when it happens. So … Continue reading

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Mimosa Monday

We wait for our drinks to come a mimosa for me and an iced tea for you. Together we’re enjoying the world as it goes by while playing  footsie under the table. Happy brunch (photo taken in Scottsdale, Arizona)

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Come Dance With Me

Dance with me for it is summer the air is warm from the sun and humid from the rain. Let us dance through the fields through the flowers through the long days of this season. Life is to be lived … Continue reading

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Bee of the Day + poem

BUSY BEE Pardon me but as you can see I am a very busy little bee. There are flowers here and flowers there and I need to get their pollen all over my hair. Hair with pollen did you say? … Continue reading

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A Sedona Haiku

Standing up on high beauty abounds before me I am so humbled.

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