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The power of networking photo shoot

Recently I’ve been going downtown into Columbus, Ohio for recent events like gallery hops and various festivals.  It’s because of attending and shooting at those that I’ve come to meet and know many new people in the local artistic scene. … Continue reading

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How and what to convert to black and white

Unless you are shooting in black and white already, when you are composing a shot do you ever look at it and think this will look great in monochrome or does that only come to you once it’s ready for … Continue reading

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The year 2014 in review

DH is actually going to be home for the holidays so I will be taking a blogging break to spend time with him, enjoy Christmas and then ring in the new year.  So what went on this past year? We … Continue reading

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Working in nature, with animals, and outtakes…

I’d like to sum up wolf week with some words about what it was like to do this shoot.  Shooting outdoors means you are subject to the whims and sometimes cruelties of nature.  Sun, no sun, clouds, no clouds and … Continue reading

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Back to Black and White – Part 3

Presenting the humans of monochrome or the not quite humans of monochrome 😉  Everyone has their own favorite technique for portraits; color, monochrome, high key, etc.  I believe that with each and every image there exists the potential for any … Continue reading

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Portraits with one light – part 2

I am primarily a natural light photographer but have begun to work more with other lighting.  It is a learning experience but after getting over the initial fear of flash, some classes, working with a mentor and experience…I can now … Continue reading

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Working with one light…

Fortunately I get to second shoot sometimes with someone who has had 25+ years in the business.  This helps me improve my portrait photography skills and I always learn something.  The other day it was a shoot with a lovely … Continue reading

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So…what kind of photographer are you?

Have you ever been asked that? I have.  Professionally I answer portrait, event and fine art photography.  Now that can and does cover a wide(ish) berth but it’s what I do; it’s what I enjoy.  But even within those three … Continue reading

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Marilyn Monroe

Well…the idea was to recreate Marilyn from some of her iconic movie roles and photographs.  It was my first costume photo shoot and I really would like to do it again because besides liking to play dress up myself – … Continue reading

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I started out doing fine art and event photography but this year I made the decision to dive into the waters of portrait work.  It can be challenging but it’s also rewarding.  There is a lot to learn and styles … Continue reading

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