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There and back again – Part 2

Why is it that unpacking takes so much longer than packing? And don’t even mention the laundry!  Oh well…we were city and way not in a city explorers on our trip.  I had so much fun here and wish we … Continue reading

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What do you see…

As a photographer I tend to see the world a little bit different from say someone who isn’t a photographer.  Most people don’t stare at their plate of bacon and eggs and think “Hmmmm, that would make one great macro … Continue reading

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Floating Rocks – River Reflections

The water level close to the river bank was quite shallow but at the angle of this shot it looks as if the rocks are floating on the mirror image of the autumn trees.  Mentioning reflections, the water was flat … Continue reading

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Water Steps

There are two ways that I know of to achieve this misty look to the water flowing down the rocks here: long shutter speed or an ND filter (wonder how they’d work together?)  When attempting this type of photography it … Continue reading

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