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Daydream Shrub Rose

But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of ……


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Happy Valentine’s Day

You either look forward to the day or you absolutely abhor the existence of it.  Me? I cannot eat chocolates and am not much of a candy fan anyway; popcorn is my Achilles heel especially the kind from Chicago.  Flowers and cards are nice too but no dinner out on this day.  I’ve gotten past eating out as being special for this day, it’s always too freaking crowded so we will be enjoying dinner at home maybe even by candlelight.

Roses are the usual flower given on this day with red being the leader of the pack.  While I think red roses are lovely, I’ve always been a fan of pink, orange, yellow and especially lilac roses.  So my gift to you for today is this lovely pink blush hybrid tea rose – Tiffany.

(Update:  This post was finished and scheduled before things went terribly awry.  There probably won’t be any romantic dinner – unless hot soup qualifies – because DH has come down with the flu and I’m doing my best not to share this with him.)



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Rainbow Sorbet – Florabunda

One of my favorites to say hello to when I visit the roses each year.  I think there actually is a rainbow sorbet out there somewhere to eat.  It’s summer, it’s hot, I think I will go try to find some.  Have a great weekend!

RainbowSorbet9296-Editsq copy

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Bullseye (sometimes spelled Bull’s Eye) is a shrub rose that is said to have a sweet spice fragrance, is nearly thornless and very resistant to black spot.  Sounds like something I stand a chance of being able to grow.

Bullseye9127-Edit copy Bullseye9130-Edit copy

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Confidence – Hybrid Tea Rose

Confidence9140-EditSQ copy

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Cherry Parfait – Grandiflora Rose

F/14 – 1/125 – ISO 100 – 100mm – Canon 5D Miii


CherryParfait9180-Edit copy


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Golden Wings

A beautiful yellow shrub rose; one of my favorites in the park.  I love their color and their five delicate petals.  Here you go, Tim!


GoldenWings9255-Edit copy GoldenWings9256-Edit copy

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