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Stop and smell the roses

Actually, the sign in front of the church said stop and smell our roses. I did and they were some wonderfully fragrant ones. But what does stop and smell the roses mean…besides literally that is? This phrase was about mindfulness … Continue reading

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Nearly Wild

And almost gone for the season.  This photo of some Nearly Wild floribunda roses was taken back in June of this year.  There are still roses around but their time is running out as today is the first day of … Continue reading

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Daydream Shrub Rose

But in your dreams whatever they be Dream a little dream of ……

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Mystery Roses

They mystery about them is that I either neglected to take note of their names or their name tags were hidden or missing.  Hopefully someone out there can help me give them their names back.

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Bullseye (sometimes spelled Bull’s Eye) is a shrub rose that is said to have a sweet spice fragrance, is nearly thornless and very resistant to black spot.  Sounds like something I stand a chance of being able to grow.

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Rugelda the Rose

It wasn’t just the beautiful color of this rose that caught my attention, it was the way it grew.  There it was, this bush growing in an arch with all of these gorgeous buds and roses on it.  Who could … Continue reading

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Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Her name is Rugelda and we shall see her beauty in color tomorrow.

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Bee kind

Dear little honey bee you are so very important to all of us you see. We need you to keep pollinating to and fro. Because we want the plants you visit to continue to grow. Plus we really love your … Continue reading

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Bubble Double

Try saying that three times fast!  My mind keeps wanting me to pronounce the name of this beautiful shrub rose the same as the bubble gum, Dubble Bubble.  Such a tongue twister for a pretty in pink rose.     … Continue reading

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More Parfait

Roses are my most favorite flower to photograph.  Besides their beauty I enjoy being around them taking in the entire sensory experience.  Within a single rose bush, depending on what stages the flowers are, you can take several different shots … Continue reading

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