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Screen door’s open – c’mon in!

You go first…

HouseScreenDoor8935-Edit copy

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Somebody’s watching me

There are just some houses and buildings where the position of the windows just makes it appear as though you are being watched.  I feel it even more so when it’s an abandoned place.  In this case the feeling was amped up several levels by not only the overgrowth and that I was hearing unseen “things” rustling though the weeds once in awhile but by one of the windows on the second floor.  I had noticed there was yet another house behind this one as well as one to my right – three in total – when it happened.

I was contemplating the best and safest way to go further down the driveway when out of the corner of my eye I saw something move in one of the windows.  I froze!  This led to a standoff between me and the house.  I stared up at the window waiting to see if it was just the old plastic in the window moving in the breeze or what.  Nothing moved.  Nothing… not even the leaves on the trees by the windows.  I told the house that I wasn’t going to bother it and please return the courtesy as I turned and walked away from it and back to where DH could see me from where he was parked.  Never got to the third house.

Definitely a creepy moment.  I wonder what was written in the windows?

HouseWindows8937-Edit copy

HouseWindows8945-Edit copy

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A Barn for Sunday

Slipping in a barn that I photographed from the moving car going down the highway when we returned from our trip to the private gardens.  I don’t think it’s too terribly abandoned but it has a wonderful rusty patina about it as does the vehicle and the other buildings next to it.


Barn9989-Edit copy

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Another one hasn’t bitten the dust…entirely

When anyone compliments me on my work I am so pleased and honored (I’m over the moon when someone orders a print but I digress) because these photos I share with you represent a part of me.  A blogger friend mentioned enjoying the rose photos I have been doing but missing the barns from the barn series I had done previously.  Well, that just made me smile all over and because of that, even though I am still sharing the rose park photos (it will be people in the park this week) I’m slipping in this preview of a barn not shown before.

I will eventually get around to showing all of it but for now here’s this little teaser 🙂


BarnEnd9047-Edit copy

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You’ve got mail!

Anyone remember where that comes from?  Back to roses and other flowers and the people among them tomorrow 🙂


RuralMail8900-Editbw copy


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Exploring the other sides

Hopefully you aren’t bored with barns yet 😉 but this week I will be taking you in and through my favorite abandoned barn but they will all be in black and white.  Why you may ask?  Well, besides artistic license, the textures just stand out amazingly well in monochrome.  Stay for this leg of the journey and you will see what I mean.

This image looks great in color with that lovely blue sky that day and I will show it the end of the week.  The clouds and all of the other textures of the silo and vegetation popped so well, in my opinion, in this monochrome with contrast increase view of the north side of the barn.


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You couldn’t shoot the side of a barn

Yes I could! Well, most of it anyway – the parts that weren’t covered by the vines and other vegetation.  There were so many openings where windows and doors once stood; I could see some of the inside of the barn but I could not figure out a safe way to get any closer than what my 70-200 lens would allow me.  But I did get almost inside one part of it though.  We’ll see that tomorrow.

Isn’t the wood on this barn magnificent?

WestSide8677-Edit copy WestSide8682-Edit copy WestSide8690-Edit copy

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