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Sepia Sunset

Sometimes when reviewing your images from a shoot you get one (or a few, it happens) that you look at and go “ugh” and it gets the X mark for deletion.  Time has taught me that not every image is … Continue reading

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The American Bison

If you had looked closely at the last photo in yesterday’s post you might have noticed some other animals in the distance on a hill.  Those animals were these great creatures, the American bison.  I will post more about them … Continue reading

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The last day for the orchids

Every year the orchid show returns to the local conservatory and I’m always there almost as soon as it opens.  This year I was everything and everywhere else but there and I almost missed it; that would’ve been a shame.  … Continue reading

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Working with one light…

Fortunately I get to second shoot sometimes with someone who has had 25+ years in the business.  This helps me improve my portrait photography skills and I always learn something.  The other day it was a shoot with a lovely … Continue reading

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How did we ever survive?

This antique high chair was from the 1800’s and after marveling at the piece my thoughts went to “There’s nothing here to keep the kid from falling out!” The chair was made to fold from being a chair into something … Continue reading

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Two Tulips that didn’t make the cut…

Here are two more tulip images that I did not put on the voting ballot.  What do you think of these? This was created by adding a texture layer to the image And this one I did a sepia with … Continue reading

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This Old House

Sometimes I have a very healthy and active imagination.  Too many books read, too many strange movies viewed late at night, too many strange relatives in my time…or maybe I was just born this way.  Whatever the reason, I see … Continue reading

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