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Cold and Lonely

This bench waits for the time (and temperature) when someone will sit and keep it company again.  In the meantime all visitors are inside of the building it faces taking in the annual… Advertisements

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Ice Ice Baby…

First we had snow, then it all melted away.  First we had temperatures in the single digits and then they rose to the mid 50’s.  And then we got rain which turned into ice as the temperatures once again plummeted … Continue reading

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Snow Barrow

There’s no barrow like snow barrow!  Sorry, was feeling punny today.  This is my favorite barn to photograph but I could’ve sworn that wheel barrow was either missing or on the other side of the driveway and upside down when … Continue reading

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The tree stands alone plus a word about auto tone

Do you use Lightroom to edit your photos? I do.  Well now they’ve gone and mucked around with the names.  What used to be Lightroom CC (Creative Cloud) is now Lightroom Classic (desktop computer) and Lightroom CC is now really … Continue reading

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Sledding with the pompom squad

What is it that is so fun about fuzzy pompoms on hats?  Almost every little girl on this snowy hill had on a hat with at least one pom on it.  Let you in on a secret… the photographer had … Continue reading

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Ice Fishing

As I write this post it is currently -8 degrees Fahrenheit here in central Ohio.  A bit nippy! We were driving around looking at the snowy landscape when we drove past (twice, I made DH turn around so I could … Continue reading

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Walking into 2018 on the planet Hoth

While not quite the planet Hoth, the top of the dam here at Alum Creek Park is a pretty good substitute for the ice planet of Star Wars fame right now.  Snow and ice are everywhere (at least until the … Continue reading

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