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What are you drinking?

These photos were taken with my mobile phone after having a nice dinner and some drinks at the Bar Harbor Beerworks on Main Street.  The duck confit tacos I had were amazing (yes I know, not your classic taco but I was enjoying them so much a table next to us asked what I was eating and proceeded to order the same) but the blueberry soda was too too sweet for me.  It was like drinking a melted Popsicle.

Now at another drinking establishment a few doors down there was this “scientific” sign which answers a question not sure that was asked 🙂  Be careful out there today if celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  Those green drinks can get to you if you aren’t careful.


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First time out in a week

Today makes the first time I’ve been out of the house in a week since being attacked by the creepy crud/flu.  DH took me out for lunch and I was feeling well enough to take the camera with me.  I rather like this close up shot of the only thing I can drink besides juice, tea, or flat(ish) soda pop – club soda.

F 1.6 – 1/200 – 1600 ISO – 50mm

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