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Stan Lee, Kane and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Mr. Marvel comics himself, Stan Lee, was the Grand Marshal for the Dragoncon parade again but I heard that this was to be his last one; I was thrilled to see him!  Nerds of the world thank you Mr. Lee for all you’ve given us to read and watch and cosplay as.  Now the other two gentlemen in the parade I had no idea who they were but DH geeked out a bit over them.  He explained to me who they were and my response was a flat oh.

We all have our fan favorites and there was something and someone for everybody at Dragoncon.




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Been on the road again…

I am so falling behind with stuff for the blog and I have a portrait shoot coming up in a week or so (I am so out of synch right now) because I’ve been…well figure it out from these snippets.  Will hopefully be able to post some goodies soon(ish)

(these were all taken with my cell phone)

20130601_180737 20130601_123311 20130531_180520 20130531_171108

(For those who aren’t sure: John Barrowman, William Shatner, Stan Lee, Michael Rooker)


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