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Today in history – Star Trek premiered in 1966

While it only lasted three seasons and that was mostly due to the petitions of fans, it has since gone on to become an iconic and very popular science fiction show that has inspired many that have come behind it.  At Dragoncon it was well represented by cosplayers portraying the series/movie characters in their many incarnations from the original series on up to current movies.  This gentleman portrayed James Doohan/Scotty so incredibly well many, including myself, did a double take.

Live long and prosper!


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Harley Quinn Suicide Squad and Meeting my Hero

This year I went back to my roots (blonde ones at that) of cosplay characters; from being nice last year to back to being a psychopath.  I’ve cosplayed Harley Quinn from the DC Comics universe before but this year I played her as a character that will be making her movie debut today.  The bonkers evil characters get to have more fun in my opinion.  For example, before the photo of me with Batman here, I tiptoed up behind him and threatened to whack him in the head with my bat.

Everyone watching had a good laugh but for Bats who, when he finally got a clue that I was behind him and turned around, stared at first and then smiled when I said “Hiya, Bats!” in my best imitation of the cartoon version of Harley Quinn.  In paying attention to detail, I put most of the movie characters tattoos on my legs, stomach and arm.  They are not real (well the two above my left ankle and one on my wrist are) but they are still being scrubbed off as of today.  Go hard or go home I say!

There were a few celebrities at the convention this year but none I wanted to meet more than Nichelle Nichols, aka. the first Nyota Uhura from the original Star Trek series.  It was an honor to meet and share a private joke with her about one of her infamous episodes 🙂


ArkhamTrio02723 copy Harley and Batman02707 copy Harleys02711

MeandUhura02740 copy



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We have a winner!

No, I haven’t run any contests but this young lady did win one of the categories in the adult costume contest at the con.  She is the Starship Enterprise of Star Trek fame – how cool is that?  Her costume was hand made and was fantastic to see.  I wish I could’ve gotten a shot of the couple who made a T-Rex and won for portraying Jurassic Park.


Enterprise 5866 Enterprise 5873

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Been on the road again…

I am so falling behind with stuff for the blog and I have a portrait shoot coming up in a week or so (I am so out of synch right now) because I’ve been…well figure it out from these snippets.  Will hopefully be able to post some goodies soon(ish)

(these were all taken with my cell phone)

20130601_180737 20130601_123311 20130531_180520 20130531_171108

(For those who aren’t sure: John Barrowman, William Shatner, Stan Lee, Michael Rooker)


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