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Still working on doing still life photos here.  I asked DH what sauces in the fridge does he like to put on his food the most and this is what happened.  Actually the Tabasco sauce is his favorite; puts it on almost everything.  I am learning and have learned that when shooting subjects like this you will run into some of these issues:

Shadows you may or may not want occur depending on where the light is coming from.

You will discover that what you once thought was clean wasn’t as in water stains on crystal glasses or fingerprints just from moving the objects around.

Dust just “magically” appears in the shot but you won’t see it (sometimes) until you upload the image and use the visualize spots tool or you zoom in.

About the prior tip – you will need one of those lint rollers for your backdrop or if it is vinyl a nice soft non shedding cloth to clean with.

Glass and lights mean reflections!

Hope your weekend is saucy…


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Still Life: Prelude to an anniversary

It’s our anniversary and DH is taking time off from work (which means my time here may be spotty) so that we can both exhale and celebrate by doing whatever we want to.  A lot of that might be catching up on some sleep – we are one wild and crazy couple!  Still experimenting with still life photography and the lesson I learned from this shot is that glass and reflections can make you want to scream.  This was my first attempt at photographing these objects against a black background using a light box.

Practice, practice, practice but perhaps later 😉

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Still Life: Calla Lilies in Color

I usually see calla lilies in the white classic variety but when I found this bunch at my local grocery store in this color – I had to have them!

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Still life: Calla Lilies in Black and White

A still life (plural: still lifes) is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which may be either natural (food, flowers, dead animals, plants, rocks, or shells) or man-made (drinking glasses, books, vases, jewelry, coins, pipes, and so on).  wikipedia

One goal I set for myself this year was to work harder at my photography; read more, take lessons, get out of my comfort zone, etc.  Practice practice practice!   Recently I’ve been trying still life photography.  I believe I have the basics as far as the camera aspects are concerned, it’s just coming up with the subject matter that’s been giving me some trouble.  Here is one of my first attempts, a vase of calla lilies shot from above in monochrome.

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Still Life with Carnations V2

From Lightroom to Nik’s Color Effect Pro to PSE and here you have version number two.  Where V1 was softer and brighter, here I raised the detail levels of the flowers and the counter top and darkened the colors a bit.



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Champagne? C’est bon!

Champagne!  Lovely stuff if you like it.  My tastes hover around the somewhat dry varieties; cannot stand the really sweet stuff.  Champagne sees to have solidified it’s place as the go to drink for celebrations.  Weddings, new homes, New Years Eve, fancy parties, boat christenings…those moments of joy and merriment.  Sometimes, champagne is drunk just because you want a nice glass of bubbly such as when I first encountered this bottle.

It was on a beach on the French side of that French/Dutch island – St. Martin/St. Maarten.  It was at a joint called the Bikini Beach where most of the people kicking back there were in swimwear along with the waitresses.  I cannot recall much of what was on the menu other than I had the most perfect lamb chops I had ever had and the French bread was really French bread and that butter? Oh the creaminess!  But how I picked this champagne? No idea but it was served in a champagne glass with a dollop of mango puree in the bottom.  Heavenly…

I’m pretty sure I had more than one glass and with my limited amount of French I eventually was laughing about something with one of the charming female servers and there is a picture somewhere in a box of the two of us hugging and laughing both in our bikinis.  That photo will never see the light of day but I do recall it being red, white and blue.  This champagne haunted me upon my return to the states and it was many many years later until I found it again at a specialty shop.  Trust me! This is good stuff, a wee pricey but worth it.

Now for a side note about photographing glass.  Be aware of where you are standing or you will be reflected in the glass no matter what its color is and if you do as I did – use a window for natural light – that will reflect in the glass too.  It takes patience and playing around with light diffusers (curtain sheers or a white sheet) and the positioning of the subject matter along with the camera to get it to your liking.  There is post editing to remove and clean things up but with glass that can be a chore.  But sometimes reflections in glass like holiday lights, the sun, and scenery to name a few   make great images. It’s your vision – go for it!


ChampagneXU9A1999-Edit copy

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Tulip Image #1

And eventual poll.  I was experimenting the other day with trying to turn this image of a tulip bouquet in a vase I had into something…artistic.  I played with every option available to me in my Photoshop Elements as well as some actions I had.  After awhile I just couldn’t make up my mind there were so many variants on a theme so I’ve decided to let you in on it and have a chance to vote on which one you like best.

I will be posting the same tulip image everyday for the next four days with voting to begin Friday evening and the winning image announced on Sunday.  I hope you will play along with me on this.  In the meantime feel free to comment on each image as they are posted.

Thanks 🙂

Today’s tulip was treated to some s-curve adjusting and a bit of luminosity.

Tulip image 1

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