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Good Morning Bar Harbor

Bah Habah if you are so inclined to say it that way.  Bar Harbor, Maine a town on Mount Desert Island in Maine is where it is said that you can see the sun rise first in all of the United States.  I was going to go down to the harbor to take a sunrise photo anyway – the other best option was from the top of Cadillac Mountain but I knew my chances of actually getting there and getting a spot were better at the harbor – the first sunrise bit just gave me the will to get up so very early.

It was worth getting up early for and a great start for my return to Maine series.  Picking up where I left off last… again.




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I saw the sign…

And I think it said no diving but it’s a bit hard to read.  Sunrise from a pier in Key West taken in 2013.  I really could use some warm ocean time right now!  I want to get away I want to fly away yeah yeah yeah!  Those are your two ear worms for the weekend.  Have a good one everybody.

PS.  You still can vote in the flower poll I posted yesterday. C’mon! Let your choice be heard 😉



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Wordless Wednesday – The Sunrise, The Clouds, The Surf

F7.1 – 1/250 – ISO100 – 35mm – Canon 5D M3


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Here comes the sun…

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright… Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

And yes it was alright.  The sun seemed to rise very quickly over South Beach while we were there or perhaps because I was still not feeling 100% yet I just wasn’t able to greet it as soon as I wanted to.  After all, what with the long hike through the hotel and then out the back to leg it some more to even reach the shoreline – it was a hike!  But it was worth it for me and the other early risers like this fellow who went right out into the ocean to greet the sun.



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Back from Break

And missing this terribly!  Seeing this every morning we were away was so good for me even if it did take some legging to get from our room to here.  Will tell you were we were later and thanks again to all of you who wished us a happy anniversary 🙂



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Morning Has Broken – Song Challenge

Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens

Morning has broken, like the first morning.
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,
Praise for them springing fresh from the Word...

I would imagine, depending on where you are in New York when the sun rises, that you might not get to see much of it because of all of the buildings…then again who knows!  New York is a pretty big place.  This beautiful sunrise was captured through our hotel window one early summer morning in midtown Manhattan.  I don’t remember how early this was but I do recall there weren’t that many people walking around on the street below.  A far cry from the hordes that were out there still when we finally called it a night.






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Wordless Wednesday – Sunrise through the High Roller

F/4.0 – 1/40 – ISO160 – 35mm – Canon 5D III – 6:30a.m.



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