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How did we ever survive?

This antique high chair was from the 1800’s and after marveling at the piece my thoughts went to “There’s nothing here to keep the kid from falling out!” The chair was made to fold from being a chair into something … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea

This image was processed with just a minimal amount of levels adjustment followed by an action for PSE which gave it this warm hazy effect.  A dark teal filter was then applied at 15% opacity along with some slight vignetting.  … Continue reading

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Shooting from the hip

Besides meaning something entirely different…in this case it literally means that I was shooting from the hip.  Yesterday was a bit of a holiday for some so off we went to the mall to walk around and have a bite … Continue reading

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Sandwich Effect – A Rose

Other than having a coffee at a Barnes and Noble, I have no other recollection of where or rather I should say what book  I found this technique in.  All I can recall is that it was a book about … Continue reading

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Twas some night before Christmas…..

And the weather was nice.  I dragged DH out with me to experiment with the holiday lights.  He carried my tripod and followed behind as I mucked around with settings to get the shot which I felt was just fine.  … Continue reading

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Before I got my PSE9 (and wouldn’t you know it just like with anything else electronic a new version came out not that long after I purchased it) I used another photo editing program.  And before that it was just … Continue reading

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