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Mohican Wildlife Weekend

This last weekend of April saw the 16th annual Mohican Wildlife Weekend.  What is that? I’m not quite sure I know either but we got caught up in it nonetheless.  You can read all about it here since I’m still … Continue reading

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Stratford Ecological Center

“The Stratford Ecological Center is a non-profit educational organic farm and nature preserve on 236 acres in Delaware County, Ohio. Visitors are welcome to explore the land, hike the 4 miles of nature tails, visit the livestock, tour the gardens … Continue reading

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Monochrome Monday – The Spiderweb in the Glass

I don’t know when it grabbed me but I am so addicted to urban decay photography.  I can spend hours wandering around abandoned places and finding the amazing in them.  In this case I revisited an old warehouse that I … Continue reading

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Who says you can’t manipulate nature a bit to get an interesting shot?  This beautiful leaf was on the ground right next to the tree from whence it fell.  And as the tree had this interesting bark I just put … Continue reading

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Sibling day….a day late

There are so many “special days” out there it just borders on ridiculous.  National grilled cheese day,  National sock day, Talk like a Pirate Day (I kind of like that one), National get outdoors Day and well…you get the point.  … Continue reading

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Two Tulips that didn’t make the cut…

Here are two more tulip images that I did not put on the voting ballot.  What do you think of these? This was created by adding a texture layer to the image And this one I did a sepia with … Continue reading

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The Phalaenopsis are coming!

Well…….they are here at the conservatory but this is just one image as a preview until I get more together.  (Image of orchids texturized and given a slight lavender haze)

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Texture and Border Tutorial

I haven’t played around with textures on my images for a long time but after peeking at some images online I decided to give it a try again and guess what? I liked the end results!  I personally do not … Continue reading

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