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Marta is the bus and rail service in Atlanta, Georgia.  While I did not take a bus (or the streetcars that traveled along some parts of downtown) I did use it to get from the airport to downtown round trip and what a bargain it is!  Taxi service from the airport to downtown is a fixed fee, as in many other cities, of about $32.00.  A ticket on Marta for two was $7.00.  It takes about half an hour from the airport to downtown and once you climb out from the underground you find your way to where you need to be.

The one station we popped in and out of  was underground but many stops are above ground platforms.  It seemed especially daunting – and deep – going down so I whipped out my phone and took this photo.  Mind you, this was after we were about a third of the way down!


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Excuse me! I’ve got a train to catch…Motion Blur

This was another experiment in photography for me and what better place to do motion blur than Grand Central Station NYC.  Seriously busy place and crowded too but fantastic for people watching and – tah dah – photography!  The first day I went in I took the typical tourist shots but later I realized it would be perfect for me to experiment with shutter speed.

I’d always wanted to see this place after seeing so many movies, videos, commercials etc. using it as a back drop.  Little did I know while walking around the city by myself one day that it was just a few blocks from our hotel.  DH says I should get one of those teenie flexible tripods just for occasions like this.  He’s right because some of the shots were blurry where I didn’t want them to be due to human error but when I propped the camera up on a wall above the throbbing masses, it did much better.  But a tripod and shutter release would’ve made magic I bet.  It’s interesting to see the blur of the people hustling to their next stop next to those standing still – a nice contrast.  I chose to make the clock my central focal point and let the people do their thing.

If you look at the clock in each photo you can see time marching on.  It’s interesting to see the people who were “still” and observe what they were doing while others “blurred” past them.  I think the experiment came out rather well.

(In the comments section under each photo are the camera settings.  I went from .8 seconds for the first all the way to 16 seconds for the last.)

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