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Billy visits Scotland and goes to jail

After we landed at the Edinburgh airport, picked up our rental car and then got terribly turned around trying to get out of the area and onto the right highway (or is it called a motorway)  we headed west to … Continue reading

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Random thoughts while staying home

It’s raining here – again!  And it’s chilly and gloomy – again!  And it’s day whatever of staying home in order to flatten the curve and all that other scientific jargon.  So as I was looking wistfully out of my … Continue reading

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Snow here – Snow there

It snowed here last night and we have quite the arctic blast going on now.  Winter is being extremely rude to poor autumn by completely shoving ahead of autumn in the line.  We are neither pleased nor amused by your … Continue reading

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Feeling a bit corny…

Historic Old St. Charles, Missouri is always a favorite spot for me to pop into whenever I go back to visit family.  To be honest, I’ve always visited Main Street here to poke around in the shops ever since I … Continue reading

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One reader almost got it!

One reader (Katie over at Kate’s Insights) guessed two states one of which is the correct one.  So let’s try this one more time shall we?  I know you can do it and let’s see who gets there first.  Sorry … Continue reading

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Capitol Reef National Park – Chimney Rock

Humans do like giving names to things; their children, themselves, cars, cameras, where they live and in the case of the park here – rock formations.  Not only is there the looming chimney rock itself but there is also a … Continue reading

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We were on a flying road trip

Did that make any sense to you? Maybe, maybe not but that is what we were up to.  We flew from Ohio to Las Vegas, picked up a car there and headed north on I-15 through Nevada, a bit of … Continue reading

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Now where were we?

Surely someone can try to take a guess on where we were.  So unless you follow me on Instagram @imagesbytd  (so no spoiling it for others) here is another clue.  We stayed in a small town that had this one … Continue reading

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I’ve been and done…

In three different time zones, in the cold and in the warmth, nearly knocked over by high winds, at an elevation of 9600 feet with snow around me and caught in the rain high on a mountain.  I was photographing … Continue reading

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Happy Trails

Since I took these photos the end of February parts of Arizona have just exploded with greenery and blooms; usually not something you think of when you hear ‘Arizonan desert’ is it?  But because of the unusual amount of rain … Continue reading

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