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Scenes from Town Square – The Tour Guide

Apparently the area was a starting place for several different walking tours too.  This guide was for one that involved some part of the history of Bar Harbor – I didn’t catch any details.  Later that evening, while walking back from dinner to our room along the sidewalk you can see behind the guide here, we fell in with a group that was doing a ghost tour.  Since they were taking up the entire sidewalk we paused with them for a minute to hear bits about a “haunted” grave yard before slipping through the group and on our way.


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Where’s Mr. Peabody?

Let’s see who get’s it.  I will be on spring break next week – well let me clarify that – the kids will be on spring break next week and I will be joining them.  DH cannot come with me so watch out world here she comes!  Then again, how much mischief can I get into when I will be with a 13, 11 and 4month old?

On second thought don’t answer that 😉



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Windmill in color with a scenic vista

Besides signs at the museum here that warned you to watch out for snakes (I kept my eyes open but was banking on them being in hibernation) and arrows directing you to stay on the walking paths, there were also signs identifying some of the plants in the area.  There were saguaro and chola cactus, Palo Verde trees and sage and jojoba bushes like the one at the bottom of the windmill to name a few.




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A remnant from it’s mining past at the Superstition Mountain Museum.


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Museum, Mountains, Mining and Elvis

The Superstition Mountain Museum has several old mining buildings, mining equipment, signs that say watch out for snakes and the chapel here known as the Elvis Chapel because he once filmed a movie here.



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Superstitious or Superstition

I’ve used both but the real name of the mountains are the Superstition Mountains.  I wasn’t the least bit superstitious as I traipsed around the area but I don’t think I would do it today – Friday the 13th.



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Walking on the mountain

This photo jumps a bit ahead from the last one I posted but eventually I will get back to that series; I’ve so much more to share with you.  I was walking the path on top of Cadillac Mountain in Arcadia National Park in Maine when DH took this shot without my knowing; just me and my shadow.  This photo is appropriate because I am walking off again down another path.

There are some things I will be busy working on that I’m excited about.  I will also be helping with a baby shower (hurray for the new grand baby coming) all while trying to get a firm grip on my seasonal allergies.  Results so far have ranged from not very effective and me sneezing my head off or sneezing a lot less but feeling as if I am ready to hibernate until next spring; trial and error with the allergy meds continues.   I’ve got a feeling that the end of this year is going to be quite busy and exciting which reminds me, I need to start reading up on newborn photography.

I will be around just not as regular as I have been for awhile but then again who knows.  If you have Instagram please follow me @Imagesbytd.  I may be posting over there more than here 🙂





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