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Misty Morning Hop

It was around 7 in the morning and we were driving off to hunt for the elusive wood duck! But on the way there we passed a stretch of land where the morning mist was floating above the wet grass. … Continue reading

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At least the sky wasn’t grey

It was cold and snowing lightly but at least the sun came out and smiled upon us for part of the day.  During this time of year I will take any amount of sunshine I can get!  This area was … Continue reading

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The most colorful time of the year

When all of the elements fall into place (pun not quite intended) nature gives us one last hurrah before closing shop for the winter.  Here are some images I took within a colorful two week window.  It was fun walking … Continue reading

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The end of the private gardens…

The Schnormeier Gardens in Gambier, Ohio were a wonderful opportunity, thanks to my photography club,  to see something that I would probably never have gotten to experience otherwise.  As we leave the gardens here is one of the many statues … Continue reading

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The Chinese Cup Gardens

After leaving the streams we came upon this section of the gardens.  It is called the cup gardens because two cup shaped gardens are carved out of the hillside featuring large boulders and of course the myriad of trees and … Continue reading

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Back in the Stream Garden

This was one of the most tranquil spots in the gardens.  All you heard was the water running downhill over large rocks and you were surrounded by trees that formed a canopy over the stream.  I took this one shot … Continue reading

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Fast and Slow in the Stream Garden

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Teahouse Selfie in Front – Rhododendrons in Back

A selfie, the view from behind the teahouse and a busy rhododendron hopping bee.    

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As an elephants eye?

More like corn that you see comes up to a photographers knee.  Slipping a barn photo in here to say HAVE A HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  Hmmmmm that rhymed too 😉  

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Private Gardens

Recently my photography group had the privilege of visiting this 75 acre property of gardens.  The owners have been building these since 1996 in the hills of central Ohio.  As stated, they are private and are only opened to the … Continue reading

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