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Muggy Monday

Last week this time it was very warm, sunny and dry. This past weekend was so very much the opposite. In some parts of the Midwest there were severe storms, I believe part of a hurricane is dumping lots of … Continue reading

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Tuesday Morning

Watching the falling snow as it decorates the pine trees.  We stopped trying to shovel the driveway clear last week… Teri 🌨️ (Image was shot through a window)

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It’s April

It’s a beautiful day outside today and I am going to head out and find all of the lovely spring flowers that are blooming and get macro happy!  APRIL FOOLS!  It’s currently very cloudy, rainy and in the upper 30’s.  … Continue reading

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Monochrome Monday and the approaching storm

Nothing like a little bit of black and white (and a 15mm lens) to really make incoming rain seem extra “stormy” don’t you think?  In circumstances like this it’s best to either hunker down in the bookstore with a good … Continue reading

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Friday Fone (phone) Fun

Yes! Hooked on phonics worked for me 😉  It’s been raining here to the point of me needing to wear wellies almost all of the time.  They’ve been issuing flood warnings, the rivers are rising, the grass while getting greener … Continue reading

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It’s cold outside…

“There’s no kind of atmosphere I’m all alone more or less Let me fly far away from here…….”  Alright, who will be the first to say where those lines come from?  But yes! It is *&^%$ cold outside today.  Currently … Continue reading

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To everything…

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:”  Ecclesiastes 3:1   Whatever happened to things in their proper time? Why the rush? What’s wrong with enjoying the moment without the clouds of the … Continue reading

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Hopefully the last day of #$%& cold

There were a few things that I learned yesterday about cold temperatures – there will always be someone who has colder temps and others who have not as cold temps but because they are not used to it they will … Continue reading

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Guess what? Snow…again.

They were forecasting the storm and when it would hit.  People dashed out to get gasoline (I did as I was running on fumes almost) and groceries and then waited..and waited….and waited.  We all chuckled as we thought that maybe … Continue reading

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Light Snow

Which according to the local weather people is scheduled to turn into heavier snow…as in up to 5 inches worth.  I don’t think the groundhog is going to see his shadow but isn’t that supposed to be good?  Must go … Continue reading

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