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Still Life: Prelude to an anniversary

It’s our anniversary and DH is taking time off from work (which means my time here may be spotty) so that we can both exhale and celebrate by doing whatever we want to.  A lot of that might be catching up on some sleep – we are one wild and crazy couple!  Still experimenting with still life photography and the lesson I learned from this shot is that glass and reflections can make you want to scream.  This was my first attempt at photographing these objects against a black background using a light box.

Practice, practice, practice but perhaps later 😉


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Not coming in to blog today…

Taking the day off to just relax and to have a quiet anniversary celebration.  Normally we’d be off on an adventure for this day but things have been what they have been so the annual anniversary adventure has to be postponed.  But celebrate we will, quietly, although I did hear some mention from DH about all you can eat crab legs some place 🙂

(If you are interested in reading about the tale of the wedding and the wedding attire please take a peek at my fashion blog)

Wedding Day Framed

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