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That road to somewhere called life…

Sometimes you don’t know where here is until you are there.  They say it’s all about the journey.  As long as you’re still moving it’s all good.  I could add some more pithy sayings but I think you know where … Continue reading

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This is different for me…

This week is the 10th anniversary of a horrific natural disaster that occurred in the United States – Hurricane Katrina.  Whenever this time of year comes around my mood changes and yes, I tear up and sometimes just have to … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Hemingway’s Writing Studio


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In Memoriam

I’m taking a slight departure from my usual posts to remember someone who left this plane of existence five years ago today.  As some of you may (or may not) know, my mother suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease the last 15 … Continue reading

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Photographer Down :(

Well…I didn’t win the big prizes in the photo contest but I am still happy I was chosen to be in the gallery show.  On a different topic, meaning the reason for the title of this post, yours truly is … Continue reading

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Pink and Yellow and What kind of photography do you do?

I was going to do more of the abandoned warehouse but I am postponing it for a day or two.  Instead I want to answer a question that was put to me a couple of times yesterday…”What kind of photography … Continue reading

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I made a promise – Please help me keep it

As some of you may or may not know I am a grandmother, abuelita, nana to Frick and Frack, aka Trey and Makayla.  They love the fact that we send them toys, tee shirts from wherever we’ve traveled, and as … Continue reading

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Celebration time come on!

I’m taking some time off to celebrate a special day that is coming up this weekend – my birthday.  Go me! Go me! Go me!  While a part of me is stunned that my odometer is turning over to “certain” … Continue reading

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A Special Message

Today I won’t be doing a wordless Wednesday because today is a special day and I have a message and request for you.  Today would’ve been my mother’s 99th birthday (I was a late in life “bonus baby” or as … Continue reading

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Hopefully the last day of #$%& cold

There were a few things that I learned yesterday about cold temperatures – there will always be someone who has colder temps and others who have not as cold temps but because they are not used to it they will … Continue reading

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