Travel Week: Long Wharf – Boston, Mass.

We hoofed it all the way down here from our hotel in the Copley Square area and unless you know where any of that is you will have no idea how much of a walk that was.  Trust me! It was a nice walk (just looked it up and it was over 2 miles one way; we did it round trip with taking some side roads to add to the distance.  It was beautiful to see all of the boats in dock and I got to see one guy actually swabbing the deck of a boat!  DH was telling me all about the history of the area as he used to live in the Boston area for a long time so I had my own personal tour guide.  I also found out just how big seagulls can get and had a flashback to the movie The Birds as some were swooping in a bit too low for my comfort.

Historic buildings, boats of all sizes and types, great restaurants, the aquarium is nearby, street entertainers, Codzilla,  outdoor movies on Friday nights, and plenty of places to have a flagon of grog – or anything else you’d like to wet ye whistle with.

LongWharf8258-Editw LongWharf8261-Editw LongWharf8255-Editw LongWharf8257-Editw LongWharf8266-Editw

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12 Responses to Travel Week: Long Wharf – Boston, Mass.

  1. babsje says:

    Boston reaident here, it’s always cool to open up the WordPress Reader and find photos of my city. Thanks for your photos and this cool post.

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    Harbors are fascinating and, from what I’ve heard, Boston’s harbor and surrounding area are fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos, Teri.

  3. I know you had some good seafood, especially some “chowda”!

  4. dhphotosite says:

    Ahhh the sea and everything that goes with it. Boston is a fun city and like you has everything! Did you by chance have a meal at the Boston Harbor Hotel?

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