Birding done easy

A good rain slowed the cicadas down a bit so I managed to break free long enough to make this post. But seriously, still struggling to play catch up with things and having to make choices as to who/what goes on the list of things to do and in what order.

I shouldn’t complain as it is much better than being in lock down and unable to do anything but back to the topic of today’s post.

One day DH and I were discussing what birds we still have on our photo bucket list. One of mine was to photograph a Cedar Waxwing in the wild and not in a bird sanctuary or zoo. Life has a funny way of hearing your requests because the next day look what showed up in our back yard along with three of its friends!

cedar waxwing, bird, Central Ohio, wild bird

They’ve been here for about two weeks now and I’m loving it; they are such beautiful birds. Nothing like bird photography while still in your house with a cup of coffee. Now if the cicadas would just quit trying to join me!

Teri 📷

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  1. Timothy Price says:


  2. equinoxio21 says:

    A South African blogger keeps a record of all the incredible birds that fly in/to his garden. Do you keep a record?

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