Fantastic News!

The other day WordPress caught a “suspicious” comment on an old blog post and tagged it accordingly.  While going through my email there it was and I was within seconds of deleting it when I decided to just open it up and read it for a chuckle.  Let’s face it, many if not all of us have gotten odd emails that at first looked semi-normal only to open them and read spammy messages with horrendous spelling and grammar asking us to buy or invest in some – ahem – interesting things.

This one wasn’t like that but I didn’t take it seriously until I showed it to DH who suggested that a return email couldn’t hurt.  When I found the return email I researched it to see where it might have come from and was quite surprised that it was from Grand Cayman of all places.  Well to make a fast and furious email story short and sweet the message, email and where it was from was very much legit.

How they found my blog post I do not know (but thank you SEO) but one of my images from my blog posts of when we were in Grand Cayman caught the eye of the Lands and Survey Department of Grand Cayman and they – and I quote – fell in love with my image and want to use it as the front page image on their 2015 edition map which is distributed locally and in the international tourism offices run by their Department of Tourism.  Insert loud squeal of joy here!

As it has not gone to print yet and anything can happen (but I don’t think it will, fingers crossed) I will not re-post the image that they are using until it is in print but I just had to share this with you all. Instead here is another photo I took when we were in Grand Cayman.  Nothing like a pie and a pint to celebrate.

I am so thrilled 🙂

Triple Crown 2

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40 Responses to Fantastic News!

  1. bulldog says:

    Good for you… only today I commented on someone else’s blog about the way people find some of my posts… I have one on Boesmansgat (Afrikaans for Bushmans hole. My most read post by the way) Search engines show they have found it by odd names like…. bushmans whole, bushman deep, bushmans backside, hole of bushman, bushmans eye, bushmans deep hole, are but some that I can remember…

  2. manonlesko says:

    Congrats! It will look lovely, I’m sure.

  3. gavroche60 says:

    Bravo, c’est mérité ! 🙂

  4. Congratulations – print still lives and there is nothing quite like having an image of yours published.

  5. Wow- That is awesome. Congratulations. You must be so proud and happy. Cheers 🙂

  6. Like I said before, “it was only a matter of time” before your greatness would be discovered outside of your circle – this is such a blessing and I am truly happy and proud of you! God works in mysterious ways.

  7. The Dose of Reality says:

    O…M….Geeeeeeee!! Their front page image?!?!?!? That is fantastic! I am so impressed (and not at all surprised because you are so talented!!) CONGRATULATIONS!!! WHOO HOO!!! –Lisa

  8. Mjollnir says:

    Well done you 🙂

  9. Allison says:

    That’s so awesome!!! 🙂 Love it! Cheers!

  10. etomczyk says:

    Congrats TD! So proud of you! (You know that this is one of my favorite vacation spots.) You go, girl! 🙂

  11. That’s lovely! Congrats!

  12. 😀 !!! There’s no capital letter tall enough to widen the grin further!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  13. gtonthenet says:

    Congratulations – it’s great when someone wants to use one of your images in print, isn’t it?

  14. tedgriffith says:

    Hooray!!!! 🙂

  15. Great news and congratulations!! and yes, let’s celebrate it with (virtual) delicious meal 😉 I am happy for you Teri!

  16. Lignum Draco says:

    Congratulations. Well done. Lucky you listened to DH. Sometimes that spam checker gets it wrong.

  17. Mark Myers says:

    Congratulations! That’s great news…

  18. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    This is great news–and thoroughly deserved!

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