Pay the price to park

Actually there are three parking venues here.  I was about to exit the parking garage when this caught my eye so the parking situations are – the garage, the meter on the street and the lot across the street.

Teri  📷

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2 Responses to Pay the price to park

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Parking at a meter will often get you a ticket. In Albuquerque, anyway. We have a not so lovely Rita meter maid in downtown who leaves people tickets when they have 10 minutes or less on the meter because she figures they won’t make it back in time, and she doesn’t want to come back around in ten minutes. One time a woman parked, got out of her car and walked down to the kiosk to pay for parking. While she was at the kiosk, not so lovely Rita started writing her a parking ticket. People from the coffee shop, restaurant and a few of us from the office went out and told Rita the woman was paying for parking at the kiosk. Rita ignored us, and just as the woman came back with the receipt to put on her dash, Rita stuck the ticket under the woman’s wiper blade and walked off. The woman was in shock, as you could imagine. We all told her we’d go to court with her as witnesses to Rita’s malfeasance. Needless to say, the city replaced all the kisoks with wifi parking meters that take credit cards last year.

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