Oh the weather outside is…

Tumultuous in many parts of the United States.  A day or two before Thanksgiving me had very high winds that while they did not knock out any power for us this time, it took out a few trees around the neighborhood.  Since then we’ve had rain and sleet but I don’t believe we will be experiencing any snow unlike many of you that have been hit with the fluffy stuff.

My cousin who lives in Boulder, Colorado sent me a picture of the view of the beautifully blanketed in snow mountains she can see from her back deck.  And to think, when I was standing there just this past August I was looking at the hummingbirds visiting her feeder.  Wonder where they go when it’s cold and snowy?

I’ve seen someone else post a photo of Dream Lake here in Rocky Mountain National Park and it’s covered in at least 2 feet of snow and gorgeous!  This a shot I took of the lake and the couple fly fishing (which at the moment of this shot I didn’t even see them) from a far end of the lake before I hiked around and noticed them as seen in the prior posts image.  Which proves that when photographing anything or anyone for that matter, take shots from multiple angles and directions if you are able to.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

If you are traveling now for the holiday please stay safe out there and I hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderfully delicious one.

Teri  📷



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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography. www.imagesbytdashfield.com
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10 Responses to Oh the weather outside is…

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Our snow is mostly gone now. Nice reminder of summertime in the rockies.

  2. I want weather like in your photo. We’re due to get hit starting tomorrow and going through Tuesday.

  3. Nancy says:

    So far no snow here in Pennsylvania. And our son from Denver… sent a picture of his backyard covered in snow.

    Thanksgiving was fabulous… hope yours was delicious as well!

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    There’s something special about snow capped mountains. Sadly, I’m yet to visit these parts of the US.

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