The 1956 Chrysler Imperial 4 door Sedan

Let me first regale you with some of the details of this automobile:  Original sale price of $4,832.00.  Available options were air conditioning which this has (but wait till you see it!).  Top speed of 104 mph.  Push button drive with microphone taillights AND factory installed record player (you’ve got to see that one).  Mediterranean blue on top and Stardust blue on the bottom.  Tips the scales at 4,575 lbs and measures just a little bit under 20ft. long!  In other words, one hunk of a classic car.  Did you know that Prince Ranier of Monaco had one of these?

When I walked up to this big blue car the first thing that caught my attention was – well – it was such a shade of blue and then it was such a big blue car!  “Wonder how long this thing is?” I said out loud.  That is when the owner came up and began to tell me all about it.  I couldn’t even begin to imagine trying to drive such a car and parking? Forget about it!!  But what a car indeed.  I wonder how many people you could fit in here?


Click on images to start slide show.  Again, a few have descriptive comments underneath the photos.

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20 Responses to The 1956 Chrysler Imperial 4 door Sedan

  1. What a cool car!! It’s amazing how much they have changed over the years. I had actually just learned about record players in cars a couple of days ago, I bet a lot of them were ruined by the needle jumping and skipping if the car hit a bump! I wonder if it had some sort of stablizer, or if records were only played when the car was still…..

    Anyway, it is a beautiful car!!

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    This is one very special car and again I’d love to know what its worth today.. if in fact the owner would sell it… imagine driving down the road in that, no one would think of cutting in front of you… would love to own one… just so I could sell it and be rich…

  3. I love that color!! And the record player.. priceless!!

  4. dhphotosite says:

    Wow Way cool….Cars in those days had STYLE ! You better go on the tour of their garage or I’ll come over and drag you kicking and screaming the whole way!!! Great photos kiddo!!!

  5. Thanks for the encouraging words! LOL My next few weeks are going to be wild so I don’t know when (or even if the invite still stands) I would be able to get to that tour. But all I can do is try 🙂

  6. More awesome shots! Ithink you are just having too much fun with these cars. 😀

  7. Wow! I love when cars had style like this, it’s too bad they don’t make cars in these designs these days! Totally would love one, you took great detailed shots!

  8. ChgoJohn says:

    This is another car I remember. It would have been a little used by the time I saw this model and remembered it but no matter the year, when someone mentioned an Imperial, an almost reverential silence followed. There was a shared understanding that the owner had “made it.”

  9. artsmith7 says:

    Love classic cars — it is my main hobby
    Nice shots

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