Street Hustling in New York

On every corner of every street there is some sort of stand selling something.  Bags, purses, toys, souvenirs, the ubiquitous pashmina scarves, and more.  And these are the ones in the day time.  At night a whole new species of street vendors comes out with their “designer” bags on big blankets.  I found out the reason they have them displayed on blankets is easy open and easy grab and close up quickly when the police come by to tell them to move; especially if they don’t have a permit for selling.  We actually saw that happen once and they were fast.



Ok, seriously? What designer?




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11 Responses to Street Hustling in New York

  1. bulldogsturf says:

    We have them on every corner in our country as well… you looking for it… it will be on a corner near you, and if they haven’t got it, they’ll get it for you…

  2. dhphotosite says:

    Amazing…I feel like a country hick…we have cows and corn….

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    Designer jewelry for 5 bucks? I’d hold out for a sale.

  4. Aquí en España también lo vivimos, el otro día me quedé maravillada como un chico recogía las cosas en medio segundo al ver venir a la policía, lo mejor es que a los segundos vuelven a montarlo, abrazos

  5. LOL at What designer? haha, those Russian Dolls brought back memories, i had some from my grandmother when she went to russia. I lost them in a movie i believe.

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