Remembering today…

(I had originally posted a blog about today from someone else but upon further reading there seems to be some potential (maybe maybe not) questions about the facts so instead of reblogging it I took it down and I will just post the link where you can read it if you wish here  )

I do not want to get into who is right or wrong today, this is not the time for that and I will not and do not like getting into politics (they’re all nuts if you ask me).  I just couldn’t find any photos to post today that felt right either.  I have photos I took of the twin towers when I visited a long time ago as a tourist, never imagining that one day those buildings would be gone.  I drove past the Pentagon when they were still doing repairs and the whole day’s events still seemed so surreal even though I was staring right at some of the damage.

I knew people who lost friends and family in the towers; I have a friend who got out of one of them in time.  There’s a friend that to this day becomes very quiet and somber, and I know to give them their space, about this day for personal reasons relating to the towers.  And a relative was in charge of a group of cadaver dogs in NYC.

Today is a day to remember those who were lost in those building and planes and their families as well as those amazing and wonderful people who went in to those scenes to help – the police departments, the fire departments, medical staff, and of course our military.

Thank You

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2 Responses to Remembering today…

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Well said. Let’s not get into politics or conspiracy theories or any thing more than remembering those who lost theirs lives, those who lost family members, and those who responded.

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