Inside of a work area

This was as close as I’ve ever gotten to this barn.  In past visits this side work area, attached but separate from the main barn, was always closed.  This day the door was wide open and I cautiously walked in…well to the threshold anyway.  In order for me to get as close as I did I had to walk on those great looking red boards that you can see on the ground leading into the door.  I measured each step carefully because I was wearing tennis shoes and not something with a more protective sole.  I thought about my urbex exploring friend infraredrobert and how he kits up for his explorations into dodgy decayed areas.

I noticed the work table and all of these bottles and rubber gloves strewn across the floor and thought that maybe I shouldn’t go in any further.  The only thing I could clearly read was what was written on the stack of folded boxes in the back – Netherland Bulb Company, Easton, PA. – a company that is still in business.  I couldn’t see anything through the overgrowth that even remotely resembled a flower grown from bulbs.  All I saw were bits of old corn cobs – and golf balls – in the surrounding field.

SideDoor8704-Edit copy SideDoor8701-Edit copy SideDoor8698-Edit copy


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25 Responses to Inside of a work area

  1. Sue says:

    I think you made the right call not going any further!

  2. mickey2travel says:

    Nice! As long as you don’t hear a chainsaw, and see some dude in a hockey mask, you’re all good!

  3. Pretty cool, Teri. You’re wise not to go further in tennis shoes. Cheers.

  4. GP Cox says:

    Very curious indeed. I think it best, you that you did not go any further – something doesn’t feel right.

  5. Timothy Price says:


  6. Great image…I feel as if I’m there!

  7. Alway safe…never sorry! Kudos to you for dipping your toe into the decay pool 🙂

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