Shift Change

Bald eagles are powerful birds that can weight near fourteen pounds with a wingspan of eight feet; this being the female.  The males are smaller with a weight of around eight pounds and wingspan of six feet.  Large birds no matter how you measure it!

They mate for life and if one should sadly die or be killed, the other will eventually find another mate.  They return to their same nesting site year after year (unless destroyed by weather, etc.) adding to it each year.  Some nests get to be 8 feet deep with a diameter of 5-9 feet.  The female lays one to three eggs and the parents take turns sitting on the nest which is what I witnessed here.

One eagle had been hunkered down in their huge nest unseen to us humans until the other one flew in and landed on a  nearby branch.  This was when the one that had been on nest duty rose up, yawned, flexed it’s wings and took off for their shift.  Cooperative parenting in the wild.  As it takes some time for the eggs to hatch and the eaglets to fledge, I still have time to go back and hopefully capture more photos of the family as it grows.

Teri 🦅📷

bald eagle, nesting pair, olentangy river

bald eagle

bald eagle, columbus, Ohio

bald eagle, eagle in flight, raptor, bird of prey


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8 Responses to Shift Change

  1. These are amazing photos, Teri. Boy, when they stretch, they really stretch.

  2. Timothy Price says:

    Now you are going to have to keep going back to give everyone eaglet reports.

  3. Nancy says:

    Wowza! Keep us posted on the babies!

  4. Deb says:

    That’s an amazing takeoff sequence. And such large nests! You would have a long wait till the babies are big enough to climb out of that.

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