Winter and Summer on the Olentangy River plus thoughts about moving

Now that I look at these images I face palm myself (gently) and think I should’ve done Spring and Fall too! Maybe next year.  But next year I won’t be traveling this road across the river anymore because I will be some miles away from it in the new home.  Maybe I will try to make the effort to drive this way again for those seasons and then be able to show this view in every season.  Have you ever missed things when you’ve moved?  People missing is a given but have you missed places?

I will miss the dry cleaning lady who always greets me with ‘Hey Darlin’ when I drop off clothes.  I will miss being near the Buffalo Wild Wings that we have gone to so many times we don’t even have to order our drinks they just bring them out automatically; the drinks are diet Coke and a cider shandy by the way.  I will miss being able to get in the car and drive 5 minutes to get to two grocery stores and a Target (although in the new home I can walk two blocks to a grocery store) and I will miss the sample lady at one of the grocery stores that I always talk to and have fun with when it’s wine sampling time.  We always hug when we see one another.  She gave me a box load of wine corks so that I could make some crafts with them.  I’ll really miss our fave sushi place too.  Haven’t found one yet in the new area but DH’s fave spot for fish and chips is a place he has proclaimed he WILL drive back to.

You would think I was moving miles and miles away when in reality it is just a half hour to 45 minutes drive away so coming back if I chose is not a problem.  I’ve made friends and memories here but now it is time to make new ones.  DH has warned me that I need to just step away from the computer because he is going to pack it up today.  Thankfully the laptop will still be connected to the internet until moving day when we flip off the switch.  I just had a panic moment when I realized I was missing two lens.  I unpacked two boxes looking for them but they weren’t there.  Guess where they were?  In a laundry basket underneath my Labbit collection.  Don’t ask – just Google.

Until we read again  🙂



River1708atopr copy   Olentangy4781-Edit

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11 Responses to Winter and Summer on the Olentangy River plus thoughts about moving

  1. The two images look so different…and yet it is the same spot. I’m sure you’ll find new places to love at your new home. Cheers, Teri.

  2. Continued best with your moving and yes you can return – not exactly but close. So keeping think about how much you enjoyed giving that woman a hug.

  3. etomczyk says:

    Just realized you’re moving. You and DH finally agreed on the ultimate spot? Moving is definitely hard. Take it one step at a time or you’ll both go crazy. It has been six months and I still wake up wondering where in the hell am I? 🙂

  4. Nancy says:

    I have been enlightened… I now know what a labbit is!!
    I miss places all the time. I miss Pennsylvania places, Ohio places and now ARIZONA places.

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    Moving is always such a mixed bag, isn’t it. So much to look forward to while the past tugs at you to linger just a bit longer.

  6. Hope your move goes smoothly! Loving the photos!

  7. badfish says:

    I hear you. 30 minutes to 45 can make or break whether I do something or not. Well, for me, 5 minutes can stop me from doing something I really want to do. cheers and luck!

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