My top posts of 2017

I’m terrible at looking and analyzing stats – I think it has something to do with taking statistics and other similar classes in college; I shudder remembering them – so I really don’t go over my numbers as much as I probably should.

I, like most bloggers, would love to get more views and to engage more with you wonderful readers.  So for a start, what would you like to see more of in this blog (if anything) in the new year and what gets you or would get you to comment/interact more?  Thanks for taking part in this informal survey.  Ack!  The memories of statistics and research methods is coming back to taunt me now!!!

Now on to the most popular posts of 2017:

1. Comfest the people

Perhaps because this was a local event I may have gotten more views that were from Ohio but it was my most popular local event post since I did Highball Halloween.  Ah Comfest, where you are free to be and wear whatever you want and be joined by many others doing likewise.  It’s also an event where it’s legal for women to go topless.  Leaving that one right there…

2.  They are blooming again

Who knew that a photo taken in 2012 would be so popular in 2017?  I think it may have had something to do with the fact that most of us were so over winter when I posted it and really wanting spring to arrive.  These are the blooms on a Bradford pear tree but oh they do NOT smell as pretty as they look!  Can we say stinky?

3..  Sylvia, Hiking in Ursery and Solar Eclipse Tips

These three tied for the 3rd most popular posts.  It was the first time I had ever photographed a Clipper butterfly and gone hiking outside of Phoenix.  Actually both of these events happened the same week in Arizona.  And let’s face it, the solar eclipse was THE big photography event of 2017 (the photo used for the post was not of the eclipse – that was a later post – but of me practicing for it using the moon.)  I will never forget the anticipation to totality that day and how everyone in that church field  in Hopkinsville, Kentucky cheered and generally went nuts when the day became night.  I’m going to really enjoy the next total eclipse in 2024 since it will be visible basically from my back yard.

I’d love to hear what posts of mine you really enjoyed this year.  Please let me know in the comments.



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2 Responses to My top posts of 2017

  1. Nancy says:

    I am of no help since I was away from my blog for most of the year.

    All of your pictures are fabulous!

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