The sun finally set

I drove past this old barn – featured here in April – yesterday and it was reduced to just a small pile of wood.  The home in front of it still stood but they have begun to remove parts of it too; soon it will be no more as well.  I wonder who got to keep all of that old barn wood?  And there it was, a big sign saying what will be coming soon!  I looked it up and found the name of the original farm family and how the land has been approved for over 500 homes!  That must have been a pretty big farm then.  I could never see before how far back it went because of the trees; trees which too are all gone now leaving behind just the machine leveled bare land.

I felt sad and thought how traffic along that road is going to be horrible one day, they’ll probably have to widen roads and do more digging up of what was once a bucolic area, and the schools will become even more crowded.  Hooray for man modifying his surroundings yet again.  Why do I feel like the Lorax now?


Sundowned7769-Edit copy

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7 Responses to The sun finally set

  1. Timothy Price says:

    Bye bye barn 😦

  2. GP Cox says:

    That’s how I feel about South Florida! When the Chamber of Commerce advertised “Come On Down!” – EVERYBODY took it seriously!! There are very few farms and ranches to found around here, that’s for sure!!

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